The most important principles of hospitality are today the same as they have always been; to produce excellent dishes at high quality, serve them with style and temper.
Greetings from our corporate chef: Lajos Bíró, executive chef: Viktor Varju

Extra basket of bread
500 HUF
Artesian butter from Csengő Manufactury with salt from Parajd
400 HUF
Artesian cheese selection with green tomato jam and mustard
3 550 HUF
Swedish mushDeep fried dough "lángos" with sour cream and cheeseroom salad with deep fried pig’s ears
2 100 HUF
Hungarian lecsó served in frying pan
2 500 HUF
Selection from the chef’s pantry
250 HUF
Vegeterian selection
2 400 HUF
Pork belly with sturgeon carpaccio and wasabi beetroot ice cream
3 500 HUF
Goose foie gras trio
cold goose liver in it’s own fat,
brulée with apple, sushi
3 950 HUF
Traditional beef tartare
3 950 HUF
Potato soup with porcini and dumplings
1 750 HUF
Chicken stew with farina and chives dumplings
1 850 HUF
Transylvanian and Armenian Ángádzsábur soup
1 850 HUF
Main dishes
Poached chicken plate "Krúdy" style with bread sauce
3 750 HUF
Veal ragout ‚Bácskai style’ with rice, pork jowl and deep fried veal leg
3 900 HUF
Bock schnitzel with buttered potatoes
4 200 HUF
Ox cheek stew with matzah balls
3 950 HUF
Duck leg with cabbage noodles
4 800 HUF
Veal paprikash with butter noodles
4 500 HUF
Catfish "Dorozsmai" style with cottage cheese dupmlings
5 800 HUF
Free range baby chicken (500g) from Gödöll with oven-baked vegetables
5 300 HUF
Beef tenderloin "Csáky" style, with noodle pudding
6 900 HUF
Gyermek ajánlat
Meat soup with noodles and vegetables
990 HUF
Breaded chicken breast filet with mashed potatoes
2 500 HUF
Eszterházy layered cake "revolution"
1 950 HUF
Bizarre ice cream selection (sausage, bacon, tobacco)
1 750 HUF
Jewish Budapest’s flódni cake in a glass
1 950 HUF
Somloi sponge cake with chocolate
1 950 HUF
Cucumber salad with sour cream ice cream
950 HUF
Pickled vegetable selection from the chef’s pantry
950 HUF
Fresh baby greens with clover and cheese
1 850 HUF

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